We’re on Top Marketing Blogs List!

We are thrilled to have recently been named to Feedspot’s list of “Top Marketing Blogs and Websites to Follow.” We are listed among many well-known and outstanding blogs, so this is quite an honor. Please check out the list of top marketing blogs to see our placement.

We write this PR & Marketing blog to help, educate and inform our target audience on subjects ranging from “Developing a Social Media Strategy” to “Creating Compelling Content,” so it’s certainly nice to be recognized for that effort!

Top blog We didn’t start this blog until 2018, after we began writing articles for the Metrowest Daily News. Since we write so many blog articles for our clients, it was a challenge to find time to write a blog of our own. But we knew when we started that we had a wealth of knowledge we could convey, and a plethora of topics we could talk about. After all, we have over 20 years’ experience in PR, marketing, and developing written communications, and we have learned so much over the years from colleagues and clients. While marketing has become second nature to us, we know that many companies struggle to figure it all out. Our goal is to provide them with some insight on what will help them be successful.