Speaker Training

Elevating Your Public Speaking

Deliver content effectively and powerfully

After 20-plus years of helping PR clients with talking to the media and over 10 years teaching public speaking in the higher education sector, we have taken that training and curriculum and perfected it for delivering speaker training programs for all business professionals.

Our speaker training helps with:

  • Developing compelling content (including effective slide presentations and visual aids),
  • Improving your speaking skills and content delivery,
  • Gaining the ability to conduct public presentations with total confidence, and
  • Engaging and connecting with your audience.

Got a public speaking bugaboo?

Many people tell us they either fear or shy away from public speaking, lack the confidence to speak publicly or simply don’t know how to be a good public speaker or presenter. Even people who do a fair amount of public speaking find it daunting to engage their audience or assemble content and visual aids that will hold their interest. Creating a slide presentation that doesn’t put the audience to sleep or induce “Death by PowerPoint” can be a challenge for many.

Our speaker training is perfect for professionals who are involved in any type of training, teaching, pitching or presenting in the workplace or who often find themselves speaking at conferences or seminars.

Any professional can benefit from our public speaker training:

  • Sales
  • Team leaders
  • Department managers
  • Corporate trainers
  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Public relations
  • Software developers
  • C-Suite executives
  • Customer service
  • Human resources
  • Consultants
  • Business owners and entrepreneurs

Our public speaker training programs will show you how to:

  • Create compelling content for public speaking engagements and presentations
  • Engage your audience and make your presentations and speeches interactive
  • Deliver your speeches with impactful non-verbal communications
  • Use eye contact, voice and demeanor to maintain audience attention
  • Establish credibility with your audience
  • Inspire your audience or motivate them to action
  • Develop slide presentations that enhance your talk and attract your audience — not put them to sleep
  • Increase your confidence as a public speaker
  • Reduce fear and nervousness before a speaking engagement
Creating powerful presentations

Speaker Training Options

  • One-to-One Personal Training for Executives or Entrepreneurs (In your office or via video conferencing)
  • Corporate In-House Training Sessions with Teams or Individuals (In your office or via video conferencing)
  • Public Speaker Training Workshops for all professionals – Public venues