Getting Your Message to Your Target Audience

Are you happy with the messages, content and marketing copy you are putting out there?

We provide messaging and content strategy, development and marketing that sets you apart

At BBWrites Strategic Communications, we help you reach and connect with your target customers through brand messaging and content marketing services focused on:

  • Refining your core messages so they resonate clearly and convincingly;
  • Determining the right audience and personas to target with that message;
  • Selecting the best channels for reaching your target audience/personas;
  • Creating content that incorporates those messages in a compelling way; and
  • Employing a combination of the traditional, online and social media to ensure we deliver that message in a way that will be most effective in returning results for you.

What are you trying to accomplish to grow your business?

  • Generate sales?
  • Increase market awareness and visibility?
  • Achieve recognition as a thought leader?
  • Improve your image or create a more positive public perception?
  • Launch a new product or service?

The only way you are going to realize these goals is by having powerful messages and compelling content that will resonate with your target audience, help you connect with them and make them buyers, influencers, evangelists and advocates.

Does your website copy need a refresh?

Let us conduct a free audit to find out!

Your prospects will go to the internet to find you. Because it is the first place they will get information about you, you want your messages there to be clear, powerful and effective at positioning you and your product or service. Your website copy should sing but also serve and connect with your target audience!

To help your target customers find their way to you in the first place, it’s also critical that your website copy incorporates the necessary keywords and phrases for search engine optimization (SEO) and getting found in search engine results.

Contact us today about arranging a free website audit. We’ll tell you what your messages need to convey and how you can better position business.

We conduct communications & social media marketing that gets results for your business

BBWrites Strategic Communications can help you with getting the word out about your products or services, increasing awareness of your business, and building a social media following, ultimately driving more traffic in your direction. We develop and execute unique, creative and strategic communications and social media marketing programs that are well-integrated with your overall marketing effort and meet your business objectives.

Do you know….?

  • Who (exactly) your target audiences or personas are?
  • What messages you should convey to them?
  • How to reach them effectively with your messages?

To truly achieve results for your business, you need to know the answers to these questions.

Contact us today to see how we can help your business grow and succeed.


We are more than just a consultant — we become your business partner and work with you as a member of your team, maintaining a focus on your business goals and achieving success.

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