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The Road to Capturing Mind Share – Blog Content

Should You Be Blogging?

Are you looking to grow your business, attract new customers and increase awareness? More importantly, would you like to establish your credibility as an expert in your field (AKA “thought leadership” or “mindshare”)? Then you should have a blog connected to your website and post to it frequently. You should also have powerful and compelling blog content.

Why You Should Have Regular Blog Posts

To do it right, blogging should be done way more than once per month. If possible, you should blog more than once per week. Here’s why:

A blog serves as a news and information source.

Like any online publication or news/info source, your blog can become a go-to site for the latest industry updates, commentary and trends, therefore you want to continually tickle your audience (or followers) with fresh content. You want to give your audience a reason to keep revisiting your blog, and you can do that by consistently giving them new thoughts, ideas and updated content to see.

When you have a blog, you capture market awareness.

Your blog posts will capture attention and engage those who are following you and build that audience of followers as they (as well as you) share your blog posts on Google Business and with other social networks, such as LinkedIn groups, Twitter and Facebook.

Having a blog helps with SEO (search engine optimization) and lead generation.

Because you are (hopefully) adding new keyword-integrated content on a regular basis — making your blog very dynamic — it helps to get your blog (and thus your company) in good standing with the search engines. Being high up in search engine results allows new readers (and potentially new followers) to find you, and ultimately drives them to your website.

A blog is an opportunity to tell your story.

Storytelling is an important tool for creating compelling, unique and authentic content. By sharing more about who you are, where you came from, why you do what you do and how you’ve helped others, your business can connect more easily with your target customers and become more relatable, eventually building the trust that moves prospects to make a purchase.

Why blog

Writing a blog establishes your expertise and thought leadership in your field.

The traditional model for establishing your credibility and your business as the expert in your field has been to write a contributed article for a relevant publication or land a speaking engagement with a relevant group. Both of these take time to pitch, and you can be waiting months for the article to be published or for the speaking engagement to occur. With your blog, you can engage your audience immediately and maintain a continuous connection with them through your regular posts.

Launching Your Blog

Most business owners find that how frequently they’re able to blog hinges on many things. Most notably, it depends on their available time, resources and budget for hiring any writing help.

BBWrites helps you affordably write compelling blogs on a regular basis. We also make the blogging process efficient. First, we create a strategic blogging plan and an editorial calendar outlining topics for your blog articles. We help you brainstorm and select the topics that align with your business goals, industry trends and discussions in the marketplace. We do all the “heavy lifting” of blog writing. After interviewing your subject matter and knowledge experts and transcribing the content they provide, we create a blog that is highly informative and conversational yet sets you apart from your competition.