Compelling Website and Social Media Content to Help You Get Found

The Power of Dynamic Communications

Cultivate your web presence – With powerful website and social media content

Your business must have a web presence and that presence must go beyond your company website. Today, it’s not enough to say, “If I build it, they will come.” You need to be found, you need to drive potential buyers to your website and you need to build a following of loyal customers.

That means you need to have a presence on social media as well — primarily Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google My Business. But there are others that may also be relevant, such as Instagram and You Tube.

On each of these platforms, you need to have a complete and powerful profile. You should also be posting on a regular basis with valuable content that is educational and informative. By doing so, you will draw the attention of your target audience and help drive them in your direction. You’ll establish that following with whom you can build thought-leadership and mindshare — ensuring they choose YOU when they are ready to buy.

But, you have only so many hours in the day. How can you accomplish the task of continuously generating fresh, compelling website and social media content that will attract and win over your audience?

That’s where BBWrites Strategic Communications comes in.

Attract, engage and connect with your target audience

We can develop a web and social media content plan for you that includes:

  • Writing dynamic content for your website with a focus on SEO — optimizing it for search engine rankings.
  • Developing a calendar of regular (at least weekly) posts to your social media pages.
  • Creating content for those posts that promote your events, blog posts, press releases and media coverage
  • Using social media to initiate conversations with your followers, conduct polls and surveys, and offer tips, techniques.
  • Posting powerful new video and written content.
  • Designing strategies for optimizing your website and social media content for attracting potential customers and driving them to learn more.
  • Conducting audience outreach campaigns to increase web/social media followers, build relationships, further establish thought-leadership and maintain customer loyalty.