Understanding Media Options

Understanding media options

I’ve been teaching a course at a local college called “Understanding Mass Media,” which inspired  me to share with you all the various media options and channels you have for communicating with and marketing to your target/prospective customers. In the marketing world, “the media” refers to any marketing communications channels or vehicles. It can be …

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Importance of Integrating Public Relations

Integrating public relations

Integrating Public Relations Companies may think about conducting public relations if they have an image to improve or uphold, a crisis to defend or a news release to distribute. But, if they think that’s all PR is for, their thinking is so 1995. While today’s marketing focus tends to be fixated on the digital activities …

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Creating Powerful Presentations

Creating powerful presentations

We’ve all heard the expression “Death by PowerPoint” to refer to a seminar, workshop or conference presentation where the speaker simply talked on and on about a subject using a boring slide presentation loaded with text. We think to ourselves “that won’t be me” at our next speaking opportunity. Yet, I can tell you from …

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Honing Your Core Messages

Honing your core messages

When it comes to creating written communications about your business, whether for your website, social media, an email campaign, a press release or a company brochure, you need to do more than declare who you are and what you do. Good communications is the key to success in business. While it’s important to be clear …

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Maximizing Social Media

maximizing social media

With the pandemic and more people working from home than in the office, there is greater engagement and interaction on social media. We’re seeking connection, and with social distancing becoming the norm right now, social media is the best place to find that. Importance of Maximizing Social Media Facebook issued a report last week that …

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The Art of Listening in Marketing

Listening in marketing

Marketing people often think like sales people, focusing on the pitch of their product or service. However, before even creating that pitch, they need to do some “listening” for the pitch to be effective. Every savvy business owner knows they need to consider the various constituents in their target audience — their partners, shareholders, and, …

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Creating Compelling Content

Creating compelling content

You’ve likely heard the phrase “Content is King,” which entered our consciousness over 20 years ago in a Bill Gates essay envisioning the Internet as a marketplace for content. Over the past 10-15 years, that vision has become a reality, as we’ve seen content marketing, and creating compelling content, become not only the latest hot …

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